Feminism and Lattes are National Threats?

Women are oppressing men, and it is now a threat to the national security of the United States. What does that statement make you think and how does it make you feel? In your opinion, name the biggest threats to national security. Terrorism? Guns? Well apparently, according to Fox News and their special guest, Nick Adams, males with lattés and feminist individuals should be added to that list of threats. I find it interesting that in society there are definitely men that feel as if they are being oppressed because of women with fundamental human rights, otherwise known as feminists.


Take a look at the video on the link posted above.  This so-called “real man” has done enough research during his bachelor’s degree at an Australian university and uncovered a lot about the American culture. Furthermore, he seems to show that he also knows a thing or two about what the biggest threats to his manhood is – gender equality. Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Adams, the author of American Boomerang, if feminism is one of the concepts that can be considered a threat to national security. Adams replied, “I think it has wide-ranging implications. Weeps and wussies deliver mediocrity. And men win. And what America’s always been about is winning. So I think it’s pivotal to the health of the country.”


Many words and phrase that were utilized during this interview can seem a bit offensive to both males and females. It is very offensive to call men or even women “wussies.” Men are supposedly thought to never show their emotions, but personally, I find nothing wrong with a male who wants to express his emotions to his group of friends. Terms such as wussy can be dangerous in society and can possibly lead to domestic violence, self-hatred, and other effects within society. According to Nick Adams, if a male is not enjoying a game of football on Sunday or even catching up with friends over a round at the shooting range, they are not considered manly men? Is that really what defines being a manly man?

Compare the two pictures below. The one on the left is of Nick Adams wearing his cowboy hat and the one on the right is of a male drinking his caffeinated beverage. Just from viewing these two pictures, one cannot assume that one male is more “manlier” than the other.  A male does not have to watch sports games with his friends to be considered a man; he can definitely be a man and drink coffee with his friends too.

In addition to Nick Adams opinions in the interview, Elisabeth Hasselbeck also stated that manly men are demonized. According to a feminist perspective, being manly gives off the responsible vibe. It means men do not have to wrestle alligators and it also means that they will not be sweating like Paris Hilton doing a crossword puzzle while sitting outside of Starbucks with a non-fat, no-whip peppermint mocha. Furthermore, in my personal opinion, I definitely believe that the meaning of feminism was misinterpreted throughout the interview. Feminism is a concept that benefits both women and men. In a patriarchal society, men are taught to fear the thought of being “womanly.” In other words, if a man chooses to freely show emotions, he will be considered less of a man. Feminism has a goal and that is to give each gender the freedom to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. It can be said that men are getting more freedom than they have had in the past and women are getting the freedoms they deserve.

Personally, I was very disappointed to see this interview with Nick Adams in regards to manliness. I feel as if a completely imprudent view of feminism arouse during the interview and went as far as to accuse the concept of feminism for the feminization of men. There were many incidences throughout the interview that Nick Adams stated the term “manly man.” In my opinion, this is an idea from the late 1900s, where men were expected to be the hard workers and the women were to be the housekeepers who tend to house chores and their family.

Towards the end of the video posted above, Nick Adams states that, “we have to crush this mindset that seeks to squash male tendencies…[parents] encourage [their] boys to become great men and we also try and educate everybody the importance of being a manly male.” Personally, I do not understand what the problem is if men show a softer side. So what if some men drink lattés, express emotions, and turn a cold shoulder to the stereotypes of what defines a manly man? Just because a male would rather go for coffee than watch the Super Bowl does not make him less of a man than that of one who would watch the biggest football event of the year with friends over beers.

I want to leave with a thought for everyone to consider: I am a female and if I was given the option to go play basketball with some male friends or have a coffee date with female friends, I would definitely choose the option of going to play a game of basketball. Does that make me less of a woman?






4 thoughts on “Tigger

  1. I found this interview and his book very infuriating for many of the reasons that you mentioned! First, the misconception of feminism. Throughout the interview, he tried to peg feminism as women who are angry at men; however, this is not the true definition. Feminism is about equality for women and men, and although men are the dominant group, many men would also benefit by overcoming these restrictive boundaries that Adam believes are essential to the survival of our nation. A very misinformed Adam’s does not realize that a strong country depends on gender equality.

  2. Adams seems to have his mind stuck in the past, when gender inequality was at its peak. Someone needs to inform him that a lot has changed and he needs to change with it. This interview seems to be at the heart of many debates on other blogs, some people support what he says and some do not. Its safe to say that anyone who agrees with his points needs a wake up call and that men do not need to do idiotic adrenaline pumping acts to prove their manliness. He says that anyone who is not manly are losers and wussies and wimps. To be a respectable man is to raise a family, and teach your children to be who they are and not to let ridiculous influences such as Nick Adams change that. Society has made a lot of progress in eliminating the forcing of binary gender roles on children and people like Nick Adams are the chains that are holding the progress back.

  3. I agree with all of the above comments and find this very upsetting. Not only does this re-enforce the way we once viewed the male/female dynamic but I find this to be a very shallow opinion as well. When Nick talks about teaching our boys to be manly all I could think of was “whatever happened to teaching your children to be a good person?” This type of mentality is solely focused on how they will fit into society in terms of the box that they will apply to but rather parents should be concerned with what type of person your child will grow up to become. Will they be a kind and giving person? Or will they be violent and insensitive to the needs of others? In my own opinion with regards to my future children, as long as they are kind, giving and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others around them, they can be whoever they want.

  4. I love your juxtaposition of the picture of Adams and one of the man with a latte. How ironic is it that he, a self-proclaimed manly man and the “effete, obeying metrosexual” look so much alike? I think that’s a great example of how impossible it is to really draw a line between what constitutes as masculine or feminine. Your question at the end makes a clear statement about the importance of seperating hobbies and personality traits from one’s gender. And for the record, I (who also identify as a woman) would be right there playing basketball with you.

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